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Super Bowl XLVIII - Prediction

31. January 2014 09:30 by in
I'm a big stats kind of guy. Don't get me wrong, I get very passionate about games and often love to root for the underdog, but in general numbers don't lie.

Having said that, I can't stand making predictions on dumb stats that have absolutely no relevance to the game. I think that they are fun, but they should not be used as an argument to prove a case. For instance, is it really relevant how many times a #1 defense or #1 offense has won the super bowl when they matched up against each other? I don't think so, because just how good the rest of the league was really has an impact on how hard it is to be the #1.

So I got some stats of my own. Comparing the Denver's and Seattle's offense to the average defense of their opponents and their defense to the average offense of their opponents. Here are the results. I went off both the regular season and the last 4 weeks.


SharePoint Prompt for Login

27. January 2014 16:49 by in
One of my pet peeves with sharepoint has been that whenever I navigate to a sharepoint site on my local domain, it still prompts me for my login credentials. I just provide the credentials that I am already logged onto my computer with and im in. Isn't the point of the domain login and using IE that I should only need to login once? well, I found a good article that helps solve this problem. It solves the initial site login problem, but also addresses the problem of being prompted for login each time I need to edit a document too.   http://blogs.c5insight.com/Home/tabid/40/entryid/245/Tips-to-Avoid-Login-Prompts-in-SharePoint.aspx   The article also refers to a hotfix that can be applied, and additional registry entries that may need to be made. That KB article is found here.   http://support.microsoft.com/?id=943280   This fixed my problems, hope it fixes yours :)

SQL Server Map Login to User

17. January 2014 20:07 by in SQL Server
I often find myself restoring databases from backup so that I can move a database from one server to another. The problem is that the backup has users that have permissions associated with them, but those users don't link to the same logins on the new machine. Here is the stored procedure that links them together.    EXEC sp_change_users_login 'Auto_Fix', '[[db user name]]'; There are other options to the sp_change_users_login, but this is the one that I usually need. This is because the login names on my server and the usernames on the database are the same. If those names do not match and you want to link them, you need to run this script.EXEC sp_change_users_login 'Update_One', '[[db user name]]', '[[server login name]]';Hope this helps.

Lemon Juice Detox Day 3

28. August 2013 16:16 by in
Weight: 222.6   The weight loss today is a little misleading, I exercised today and when I do that I always weigh myself after the workout and before I eat/drink anything. I guess that's an old habit from my wrestling days. Anyway. As I noted, I felt pretty good this morning and decided to work out. I think that I overdid it a little though. I started with a run, I was going to do 5 miles, but ended after 2.5. I felt like I could do more at home so I put in the p90x plyo dvd. I wasn't sure how much of that I was going to do so I just started. My legs are definitely feeling the immediate effects of not getting extra energy from eating, so they wore out pretty fast, and the workout was hard, but I didn't want to be a wimp, so I finished the workout. I think that was too much. I was famished after that and when I drank water after that I immediately started to feel nauseous. That took a little time to wear off, but I'm feeling better now.   Other than that things are going well today - the headache is pretty much gone, so that is a bonus. Energy level is pretty good - and it is not so hard to deal with the smell of cooking food at dinner time anymore.

Lemmon Detox Day 2

27. August 2013 12:43 by in
Weight: 228.2   So I lost 7 pounds - not a huge surprise on day one, since I didn't eat anything yesterday. I feel pretty good this morning, plenty of energy so far. I was a bit worn out last night, but I'm not sure if that was cause of a lack of food or the fact that I only had a couple hours of sleep the night before or a combo of the two.   This morning was the first Salt Water Flush (SWF) I did (1 quart of warm water with 2 tsp. salt - drink it all in -2 minutes). I was expecting it to be horrible. It wasn't that bad, it was almost like drinking a beef broth soup, without the beef flavor :). The after effects were more sudden than I expected. Lets just say that their advice to stay close to a bathroom for the next 1-2 hours is good advice, haha.   UPDATE   I started having pretty bad headaches late this afternoon which lasted the rest of the day. I looked to see if it was ok to take ibuprofen, but they say that headaches are to be expected early on in the fast as the body starts to rid itself of toxins and also as a withdrawal symptom from caffeine (I do enjoy my mountain dew and cherry coke - so that is probably it), and to try to avoid taking anything for them if possible. So I'm going to try to do without the ibuprofen.

Lemon Detox Cleanse

26. August 2013 16:16 by in Exercise, Fitness
So I've been thinking for some time now that I need to shed a few pounds. There are a number of reasons for this, and yes, vanity is one of them I suppose. I don't like feeling self conscious about the way I look. Although, the health reasons are the ones that finally got me to make a move. I've been feeling sluggish, and when I run, I can definitely feel the extra weight weighing me down. Also, I've been having  heartburn issues again. I really feel like the heartburn and acid reflux is a direct result of being overweight, so I guess that I should do something about that.   I've read quite a bit about this Lemon Juice Detox Cleanse (both for and against) and with all of the information I have, I decided that I wanted to give it a go. Some of the things I read about it are people being excited about this Lemon Juice Diet. Well, that is exactly what I don't want to treat this as. Yes, with the cleanse I anticipate that I will lose some weight very quickly, but that is not my main concern in doing this cleanse. I want to use is as more of a starting point for changing the way I eat. I did a juice fast a few years ago and it was an almost 30 day deal. I'll go ahead and say it... it was HELL. But there were some good things that came from it, after it was over, I really thought about the things I ate and how it made me feel. I really want to change the way I eat again, and try to make it more permanent. Anyway, that's the boring details about why I'm doing this.   There are several articles on this cleanse, here is where I got the recipe http://www.naturalnews.com/035854_lemons_detox_recipe.html.   Day 1Weight: 235.2   I started the cleanse today. I was worried that the drink would taste horrible. It's actually pretty good. The cayenne pepper was what really concerned me, because I don't do spicy foods, but the maple syrup seemed to suppress it pretty well. I'm about halfway through the day. We'll see what the rest of the day brings.   UPDATE Most of the day gone by. it's hard to smell dinner cooking and resist the urge to sneak a bite. I realized today how much time we spend preparing and eating food every day. it's really pretty crazy.

Adobe Illustrator Saving Issues

22. April 2013 02:57 by in
Occasionally the Adobe Prefs file becomes corrupt and then there are problems saving files in any format. To delete the Prefs file and allow Illustrator to create a new one follow these steps. hold down CTRL-ALT-SHIFT while starting Illustrator. Make sure that you hold it down until it is completely loaded. If prompted, select "Yes" to delete the current Prefs file.

Shrinking a Log file in SQL 2008

5. May 2011 06:25 by in SQL Server
In SQL 2008 the backup with no truncate options were removed, still not sure why. The problem is that when you want to shrink a log file, you can't simply di it with a no truncate or log only statement anymore. to make matters worse, when you want to shrink the log file manually, it won't work, even with a dbcc statement, or so it seems.To get the log file to shrin, you also have to add in a mix of changing the recovery model to simple, shrink the file and then change the recovery model back to full. It's really a nuisance, but here's the set of statements you'll want.USE MASTERGOALTER DATABASE my_database SET RECOVERY SIMPLEGOUSE database_nameGODBCC SHRINKFILE (my_database_log, 1)GOALTER DATABASE my_database SET RECOVERY FULLGOVoiala, log file is shrunk.

Change SMS Sound on iPhone

15. April 2011 15:38 by in iPhone
I've wanted to change the available sounds for my incoming text messages for my iPhone for some time. Although I (along with many others) am frustrated that apple doesn't allow you to just point to an mp3 or other audio file, I finally found how to do it. You will have to jailbreak your phone and install OpenSSH (just search for the OpenSSH app on Cydia). I found the rest here (http://modmyi.com/forums/ringtone-alert-sounds/83951-custom-text-message-notification-sounds.html). Most of the instructions are the same as on the link listed, but I modified it slightly to meet my requirements.1) Convert the sound you would like to use to a .caf (I use WavePad on Windows to create an aif file then rename to .caf) 2) Use CyberDuck (Mac) or WinSCP (Windows) to access your iPhone's file system. (this is where you need to have Open SSH running on your iPhone): a. go to Settings -> Wi-Fi -> click on the blue arrow to the left of the wireless network you're connected to, look at the IP Address listed b. open a connection in CyberDuck or WinSCP using the IP Address you just found c. The username will be "root" and the password will be "alpine" 3) Once you're in, go to /System/Library/Audio/UISounds 4) Scroll down to the sms-received1.caf through sms-received6.caf, these are the various SMS Notification sounds, simply adding a file to this directory will not put it in the list on the phone. 5) You need to replace one of those sms-received.caf files with your sound, keeping the same name, just a new sound. It will then appear in the SMS Sound list as the same sound name it was originally, so if you replace what used to be the "Horn" sound with a new sound, you still click on "Horn" to set that sound. (Thanks to ThirstyTurtle for posting the solution)

Google randomly shuts down FREE google apps accounts for multiple days

19. January 2011 16:39 by in
I am moving all of my serveral google apps accounts to a provider that actually wants me as a customer.I manage several websites both for my self and for customers of mine. Since I don't want to be in the business of managing mail servers I have gone with google apps free accounts for the smaller businesses that I manage. After all, that is a great service that google offers to small businesses... or so I thought.I have been unable to log in to one of my google apps email accounts since almost 48 hours ago. I first tried their solution of waiting a few minutes and then trying again. That of course did not work. Since I have become fairly dependent on this email, I thought I would upgrade the account so that I could get phone support. After working with them I found out that the server that this account is on, is undergoing scheduled maintenance and will not be available for at least 2 days. IT WAS A PLANNED OUTAGE THAT THEY DID NOT TELL ME ABOUT!!!I've included their email response to me below... After investigation, it looks like this account is locked for 2 days due to a scheduled maintenance on the server it resides on. We ensure that prior to a scheduled maintenance, all paying customers are not affected. However, since this account was not a paying account at the time the maintenance started, the account is affected by the maintenance period. My apologies for any inconvenience this may cause - your data is safe and secure, but unfortunately you will be unable to access this account until the maintenance period ends.I understand the idea of giving higher priority to a paying customer than those with FREE accounts, but what is being implied in the email I received seems outrageous to me. Here are the problems I have with their response.Free accounts aren't actually free. They are paid for by advertisers and we put up with the advertisements as a cost of keeping the service free.I'm fairly certain that google makes more than $50 per year on each free account, so in that sense, it's actually in their best interest to keep the account freeGoogle offers the service as a free service, they must know that people who set up a free account will get just as dependent on their email as those that payI can think of few people who have email accounts where a 2 day outage is even remotely acceptablePlanned server maintenance should NEVER take service out for 2 entire daysIf the maintenance actually takes that long, then you plan to copy the server to a temporary server while the other is being worked on - it is preposterous to think that google would run maintenance on a server as if they only had one server available to themIf the maintenance was actually planned, then at a very MINIMUM I would expect that they let me know that my email would be down for 2 daysBut as noted above, a 2 day outage is simply not acceptable, even for a free accountMaintenance started on my account on a Monday morning.I have been without critical email communication on this account for all of Monday and Tuesday, two days when a lot of business is done.Couldn't it have been planned for a Saturday and Sunday? Maybe they thought that free accounts get used more on the weekends and paid accounts get used more on weekdays.I can't think of any scenario where what was describe to me would ever sound like a good idea to a CIO, CEO or any other business person. If I were to run a business like this, where I offer a service for free, and then randomly tell the customer that they can't use it, I wouldn't be in business very long. I guess that maybe they've gotten just a little too big to remember what customer service is.Maybe they think that this will give me the incentive to become a paying customer. They are absolutely right, I will become a paying customer... but not to them. I'm looking for other solutions to take my business elsewhere.If you are considering opening a google apps account, I highly recommend looking elsewhere. It'll work great most of the time, but you may find, that at a time when you need it most, they will have decided to do a 2 day maintenance on your server. Hey, but then you can write yuor own little blog entry too.I'm just one customer, but I'm one who is moving on.